A history of the Limousine (Limo)

The first Limousine which appeared over 100 years ago in 1902 was designed so that the driver sat outside under a covered compartment.There are two versions of where the word Limousine came from both related to the French region of Limousin, the first states that the chauffeurs wore cloaks that looked like ones worn by shepards in that region the other version is that the driver’s compartment looked like the cloaks.The first stretch limousine was created in 1928 by a coach builder called Armbuster in Fort Smith Arkansas,at the time these vehicles where very popular with Big Bands of the time such as Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman. The most popular cars for Stretch Limousines now are Lincoln Town Cars,Chryisler 300, and SUV’s such as the Hummer.No longer just for the rich and famous a limo can be hired for any special occasion you can think of and will usually come with Champagne as standard.

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