Advice on hiring limousines and wedding cars.

When it comes to hiring transport for a special event such as a wedding , debs,  milestone birthday  etc., it is important to know who you are hiring from and that they and their drivers are  operating with in the laws covering S.P.S.V ( small public  sector vehicles). Just like doing business with all companies you can ” get a feel” for a company by how professional they are, how do they answer the phone? how  does their web site look ?  do  they have landline  phone numbers and company email addresses rather than @gmail  or @ hotmail  addresses ?, are they members of chambers of commerce  and  professional bodies? ,,, do they have testimionals  from actual customers rather than ” Mr.G from Dublin was delighted with us ” on their web site..      These are the things that  you would expect from any business but when hiring limousines or wedding cars here are a few extra tips,always always ask the make model and year of the actual car/cars that you are hiring, we have heard the horror stories of companies  hiring vehicles that the don’t have and the day before the event they ring to say the car is broke down and a substitute car will be provided which was their plan all along, we have also heard of people hiring  blach stretch limos  and for funeral cars to turn up,ask can you see the cars this will be no problem for a repupital company. All SPSV’s will as well as tax and insurance disks a silver disk in the front and rear windows of the car, this licnese will list the number of  passengers the vehicle is licensed to carry , this license is granted yearly on completion of an NCT test, the driver will aslo be licensed and this should also be available to see.

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