Are Cheap Wedding Cars the Best Value

Why Cheap Wedding Cars Are Not Necessarily The Best Value

Weddings are expensive! It’s a simple fact the organising a wedding is the most expensive thing most people will do after buying their house. There are of course ways to say money, have fewer guests, choose a week day instead of the weekend, or be inventive an make your own invitations, name cars etc.

Be Careful When Choosing Cheap Wedding Cars


One way people try to say money is by choosing the cheapest possible suppliers for their wedding services. The small ad web sites are full of ads for cheap wedding photographers and cheap wedding cars. You may be tempted to use one of these suppliers but there are questions you need to ask before you book and hand over a deposit. If you are visiting the company to view the cars look for the vehicles limousine license in the front and back windows. If you are not going to see the car ask for a copy of the limousine licence to be emailed, a quality supplier will be delighted to show these to you.

Know What your Are Getting With Your Wedding Car Hire

The reasons why the cowboy wedding car businesses are cheap is that being a fully licensed, insured and regulated wedding car company is more expensive to run. We don’t take short cuts on vehicle maintenance, we have the correct insurance for operating a wedding car / chauffeur company, all our vehicles are inspected and licensed by Transport for Ireland and our chauffeurs are professionals who are trained in customer car as well as driving skills.

The recent high profile case of a member of one of the world’s top bands being driven to a concert in Dublin in an unlicensed limo shows that cowboy companies are out there but for your wedding car nothing beats the peace of mind that choosing a professional Dublin Wedding car company.

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