Choosing the Right Limo Company

With the many limousine companies in the phone book and on the internet, locating a limo may seem a little overwhelming.  If you are short on time, you could use a limousine directory service.  A limo directory service is a service you call or look up on the net.  You give them the state and city you are in or going to visit and they will give you the closest limousine business to your home or destination. These directory service limo companies have the same services as other limo companies that do not use this service.  These directory services only accept a limited number of companies from each area.  If you decide to use this service there are some questions you need to ask.  For example, if you have a problem with the limo company do you deal with the company directly or the directory service?  Do they screen the companies or can anyone join?  Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau or similar agency?  Is there a fee for using their service and if so how much? Limousine companies that want to use a directory service should ask some questions as well.  Such as: How much will using their service cost?  How long is a membership?  What are the renewal fees?  Is there a contract or can you pay month to month?  Is there a lead fee?  Is there an advertising fee and will you be notified if their services change or a cancellation of these services occur. For large companies and corporations, dealing with limousine and car services directly may be easier because if you’re renting many limos or cars a week you may be able to get discounts or even the same drivers.  You may even be able to ask for a Hummer or town car limo.  Town cars are more traditional but have most of the same amenities as other limos.  The Hummer limo has many of the same amenities as other limos but also has some that truly are fun like a laser show, bubble tubes, a fire place, a Playstation and a unique look.  Although the Hummer was originally used by the military as a troop vehicle, it has been refined t be an elegant and beautiful ride. Limousine businesses are competitive.  They all want your business and since they all rent out limos they have to find a way to make their company stands out.  They do this by having extras and complimentary items like newspapers if requested, champagne, flowers and others.  They also might claim to be the cheapest service in town but be careful, they may not have quality drivers, the limos may be old or not serviced well with any company you hire, and I would ask to see the fleet and the service record of any limo you might want to rent.  I would also ask how long they have been in business.  This doesn’t mean that if they have been in business 40 years they are the best, but you know it’s an established business and should be very reliable.  The one thing you shouldn’t do is pay up front for services not yet rendered.  A deposit should be good enough to reserve the limo you want. When reserving a limo ask the company if it belongs to any limo industry associations.  Companies that belong to industry associations have to abide by that association’s service standards like having their fleet serviced regularly.  The local livery association and National Limousine Association (NLA) are good indications that the company is a good one to do business with.  The most important step in hiring a limo service is to get everything in writing.  Don’t accept a spoken contract, if anything happens you don’t have any legal standing. Manufacturers of limos can put a lot of different features in their cars.  The most common features are CD players, AM/FM surround sound radios, DVD players, flat screen monitors, A/C, built in ice chests, and acrylic bar tops.  Some limos have more than one flat screen, lasers, strobe lights, extra steps to help you get in and out of the limo, Playstation 2, etc.  For large corporations that need to buy their own cars for the company’s transportation needs, they can purchase a corporate conversion limo which could have LCD monitor with TV antenna, hands free intercom and driver controls.  In the corporate conversions you can also get the limo to have seats facing each other with tables in between so you can have a power meeting n the way to the airport or on the way to a client.  These limos start at about $48, 00.00 for a pre-owned to over a million dollars for a new one.  These prices are only estimates and you would have to get quotes from the manufacturer or dealer nearest you. Most people think of weddings, proms and funerals when they hear the word limo.  Companies are trying to change this perception and now have packages for romantic nights which include picking you up, bring you to each of your venues and wait for you.  If you rent the Hummer you can ask if it has a fireplace or a stargazer ceiling.  Last night of freedom?  Rent a stretch limo for you and your friends with a CD player and rock the night away.  What about a princess party for your little girl with balloons and ribbons?  What about a car party for your little boy with a laser show, a Playstation 2 and a cake in the shape of a limo?  What little boy wouldn’t love that?  Why not shop in style.  Why worry about parking when you can shop and have someone else park for you?  Sometimes they will even help you with your packages.  Having a spa day?  Don’t get stressed out driving, sit back, relax and rent a limo to drop you off and pick you up when you’re done.  Want to impress a date?  Show up at their house in a limo to bring them to dinner and a movie.  Even if it’s a night out on the town to just have fun with drinking and dancing, a limo is a safe, elegant way to go.  Another fun reason to rent a limo is so you can be a tourist in your own town.  Go to your local visitor’s bureau to find some attractions that you and your family might enjoy find a limo service that meets your needs and have fun.  Not only will your family become closer while having fun, they will be learning something to. If you need t rent a limo for a more conventional reason like a wedding, you can still get an unconventional limo like a super stretch which can hold the bride, groom and wedding party.  You can get a Hummer and have a disco party on the way to the reception and if you have an extremely large wedding party you might even consider the Mammoth which can seat up to 28 people and has an electric step to help people get in and out of it.  This limo is very new so ask around; you should be able to find a service that has one.  If the bride and groom want to be alone, why not rent a coach limo for the wedding party and guests.  These have flat screens, Playstation 2’s, mini bars, CD players and all the other features of limos.  For someone who is disabled, they have a coach limo that has a hide-a-way wheel chair lift.  If you’re going to rent more than one limo I would ask for a multi car discount.  Ask if you can put a just married sign on the back window and is there a cleaning fee if you do.  Some companies will make up a sign at no charge. For a debs or hen party maybe something a little more feminine like a pink limo would be your idea of cool.  Having a stag party to treat the boys to a ride in a Hummer limo?  What’s cooler then riding in a vehicle that was originally manufactured for the military?  This limo has all the features a guy would like.  1500 watt surround sound system, two twelve inch sub woofers, CD player and a Playstation 2 with a war or racing game, would keep everyone busy during the drive to the pub.  Music can be played on the CD player and with the laser light show, strobe lights and two bubble tubes; the partying can start before you even get to the pub.  Prom night and you’re one a budget?  You can still rent a limo, just not one with a fireplace or a laser light show.  Basic packages usually include mini bar, CD player with AM/FM surround sound, A/C, and holds up to eight people.  Sharing the experience could mean an upgrade t something fancier. Whatever you rent a limo for, whether it’s a kid’s party or a wedding, just remember with a little effort on your part you can have a good time.  Limos aren’t just for special occasions.  They can make even everyday events like shopping feel special.

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