Debs advice for the Girls

Your  date has probably taken it upon himself to organise your transport for the big night because cars are a boy thing and you wouldn’t understand. Well you understand the important things because you have pointed him in the direction of so you can rest assured we will hook your prom date up with the perfect limo for you and your friends

Limos for Less can make sure your date chooses the right limo for the night and one which will turn heads, arrive in a stylish wave of envy and still have everything you need. The Limos for Less  limos will also arrive exactly on time, not too early and not too late so that you will have plenty of time to be ready and arrive at the big night composed and ready for a great time.

Even though your transport is organised, that doesn’t mean you are free to relax as there are still plenty of things to do before and on the big night to get it right. If you are getting your hair, nails, make up and spray tan done before your Debs, make sure you leave plenty of time in between these appointments because you never know which stylist will be running late and you don’t want one appointment to run over another and you miss out.

When packing your Debs  bag make sure you have all of the essentials to keep you in control and looking gorgeous on the night. If you have had your make up done professionally your makeup artist will have probably given you a compact of the same makeup used for touch ups through the night. The rest of your makeup should last the distance if it was done professionally. The same goes for your hair but it is always a good idea to have a few spare bobby pins and they take up almost no room in your bag too.

You will of course also need tissues, pain killers, safety pins for any emergency wardrobe malfunctions and your camera to capture all of those precious memories. And as tempting as it is to leave your phone at home, if your parents can ring and check on you, it means they won’t hop in the car and come down to find you. Most important don’t forget your tickets

When your date arrives in the

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