Dublin Airport Transfer

Whether traveling for business or on vacation, trying to find a taxi to get you from the airport to your hotel can be very hard; and renting a car after a long flight or in a country you’re not familiar with can be very stressful.  The solution, an airport transfer company.  These companies vary in pricing and services, but most have a very high quality of customer service. Although pricing should not be your only concern it is at the top of most people’s lists of priorities.  Whether you pay per-car or per-person, have eight passengers or its just you, pricing is very important.  Usually the more passengers you have the cheaper the per-person rates are. If a private ride is what you want, then the per-car rate might be more suitable.  But if you can’t afford to have a private car, an airport shuttle bus is another way to go.  Its usually free if you’re going from the airport to the airport hotel.  They will pick you up at the terminal and drop you off at the hotel and then do the reverse when you’re ready to go home. When booking your transfer from the airport to your hotel, there are a few things that the company needs to know to help you decide what car to rent. * Number of people in your party * Name of airline * Flight number * Name and address of hotel or other destination * Time of arrival * City of arrival and departure * Name and contact information of person booking vehicle There are also many questions that you should ask any company that you hire. * Are any dates unavailable due to holidays? * If needed is there a non-English speaking driver? * Do they charge per-person or per-car? * Do children ride free? * Do they supply child safety seats and is there a charge? * Is there a cancellation fee? * Are they associated with any industry association? * How long has the driver been with the company and what kind of experience does he have? * How long have they been in business? These are only examples of some of the questions.  If you have any of your own, ask them.  They should be more than happy to answer any questions.  If they’re not, call or e-mail another company. On your return trip to the airport make sure to leave enough time for unexpected delays like the limo breaking down, a traffic accident, or delays in traffic.  If you’re late for your flight due to any delays, the air transfer company is not responsible. Private rides in  air transfer companies are always relaxing and if your plane is late some of the air trans companies will wait for you up till an hour after the plane is scheduled to land.  After this there’s an extra charge, usually by the hour.  To stop from getting this charge, call from the air and let them know you’re going to be late.  It’s a good idea to get contact information and put it in your carry on bag before you leave home. If you like the service of the air transfer company and are going to use them again, there are a few things you need to know.  Tip well, this will help insure that your driver remembers your name.  Ask for the driver’s name.  Write it down if you have to, it makes them feel more like individuals and less like servants.  Call the company and let them know what you liked and didn’t like, but in a positive way.  For example, if you say “that driver of yours got us lost driving from the airport to our hotel” that’s negative.  But if you say “you have a very beautiful city, we saw more then I thought we would going to our hotel; if the car had a GPS we wouldn’t have had that opportunity”, that’s a positive way of saying something negative.  Calling a company, even with something negative, is a good thing to do because it let’s them know what the customers needs are. Air transport can be used for more then just taxi service.  These companies can be used for corporate use.  If you’re having a large corporate convention, what better way to transport all of them then a coach bus that can hold over forty passengers.  With some companies you pay per-person so the more people you have, the cheaper the rate.  A coach bus is also a good idea if you and your party have a long ride to the hotel because some of these buses have lavatories in them. For families on a budget a Sadanora limo at a per-car rate would probably be more economical and fun.  If there are small children with you that need child safety seats, remember to ask the airport transfer company if they supply them and if there is a fee for use.  Also ask if they have any other child friendly services. Vacations to other countries can be very stressful if you’re unfamiliar with the roads.  When you hire an airport transfer company this stressful experience can turn into a very fun and educational time.  A sightseeing tour of the most known attractions is another way of having fun after hiring an airport transfer company.  The one thing to remember is that these companies don’t have tour guides, you have to pay an extra expense for this. Other uses for hiring an airport transfer company are impressing clients in from out of town, bringing together a bridal party that came in from out of town on different flights, and romantic weekend getaways. For travel agents and tour companies air transfer companies have discounts.  Also, most air transfer companies will confirm reservations and cancellations, either by e-mail or by phone within twenty four hours.  If you’re going to travel during a high volume time of year, for example around the holidays or summer, you should make your reservations early to avoid having to rent something you don’t want or that’s out of your price range.

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