Dublin Limo Service

A Dublin limousine service will offer you a choice between a stretch limousine (the usual limousine service people think of), Saloon or sedan cars, and the biggest option which is the minibus service. You may inquire whether any of these can serve as an entertainment centre, a conference room or an office, as you may need it,or simply to enjoy a noght on the town or a special occasion such as a wedding, debs or other important family event. A Dublin limousine company can also accommodate your need for transportation in the form of long-distance,airport transfers,private tours, sightseeing, regional travel, and/or just local travel. Choose a Dublin limousine service that can boast of five-star standards so that you get the best quality service for your money. It is important the Dublin limousine service provide top class customer service from the moment their telephone operator answers the phone to the time you sign  the contract agreeing to hire them as your Dublin limousine service. You can tell that the Dublin limousine service has  high standards if: 1)The telephone operator deals with you in a friendly and knowledgeable manner; 2)The chauffeur of the Dublin limo company is well-mannered, well-groomed, and is completely professional throughout the day you booked the service; 3)That the vehicle you hired as your Dublin limousine is clean, provides great amenities such as cellular phone service, a copy of the daily paper, and elegant upholstery and interiors; 4)Is priced at a reasonable and affordable rate, for the kind of service you get in return; 5)The chauffeur arrives on time when you need to be fetched and delivers you to your destination in a comfortable, stress-free, and capable manner; 6)The vehicle you hired has a communication system installed in the Dublin limousine assigned to you so that the chauffeur and the service dispatcher can stay in steady communication throughout the day or night that you need them; 7)That the chauffeur has a cellular phone and/or pager as back-up so that if the in-vehicle communication system fails, he may easily be able to call for help on your behalf; 8)Among other aspects of the service that you may have noticed. There are Dublin limousine services that provide customized package deals, aside from their regular standardized services. means you will get the best type of vehicle for the rate that they will quote for you, which may be comparable to the standardized or customized rates competitors may be offering. An example of specialty services would be a business-class service that will provide a fleet of vehicles for use by your corporation or organization. A second type service would be the premium executive service which allows your VIP officials be escorted to and from the airport, as they may need it.And the company has access to the VIP car park at Dublin airport. Though such specialty services may have additional features, like higher end vehicles and courtesy food and beverages served within the vehicle, it is important that the Dublin limousine service provide reasonable rates anyway.

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