End of the road for Limos in Britain?

Authorities in Britain have started to crack down on companies with large-sized vehicles as they do not comply with road safety legislation. The Local Government Association have said that about 40 percent of the 11,000 limousines in the UK are holding more then eight people. The same rule applies to Ireland that all Limo companies are only licenced to carry up to 8 people. The Local Government Association in the UK will in the next few weeks increase roadside spot checks with the help of the police. Some of these companies use American Hummer H2 limos which have space for 30 revellers I guess we’ll await to see what happens in the UK and if the government here have any plans to do the same, I don’t think we have anything like the same issues in Ireland as the UK. But, always remember if you do decide to hire a limo of these restrictions.  

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