Fun Filled Weddings

Have A Fun Wedding…

Not everyone wants a completely traditional wedding, and why should you?  It’s your special day and at no other time will you get the chance to express your love as a couple in such a unique way.

Many couples bow to the pressure of a traditional wedding, whether that pressure comes from parents or just their own sense of what “should” be done and what is “expected” of them.

Weddings should always be about the two people getting married.  Far too often other people will try to influence the bride and groom through their opinions or put demands on them that only goes to raise their level of anxiety and stress!!!  Something that a couple getting married has enough of already I can assure you!!

Here are just a few ideas for you to try and keep in mind when going through the minefield of planning your wedding…

The brides dress – nothing sets the tone of a wedding more than what the bride chooses to wear.  It’s probably “the” most important pieces of clothing you’ll ever buy so don’t be afraid to express yourself and go for something that you really want – the choices are endless.  Dublin has a huge selection of wedding dress shops from top designer’s to high street stores.  Even the odd gem has been known to be found in the endless amount of vintage shops that can be found around the Temple Bar area.

The theme – the theme of the wedding usually follows the purchase of the wedding dress i.e. if it’s romantic, modern, classic or even retro which more and more brides are tending to lean towards nowadays.  Everything will then lead on from here.  If it’s a romantic wedding the colour scheme might be red or pink or if you decide on a retro theme the sky’s the limit for ideas from gingham table cloths to flowers in jam jars or even the drinks!! You could even invent a cocktail to represent you as a couple to serve to your guests on their arrival at the venue!

The first dance – traditionally this is a song that means a lot to the couple but in reality nothing to everyone else at the wedding!!  Why not kick it up a notch and start off with your romantic slow song that quickly turns into a fast one that gets the party started and everyone up and dancing!  It’ll be a welcome surprise for your guests!

The entertainment – You don’t have to go down the route of a band followed by a DJ, more and more couples are having a two or three piece swing band entertain their guests before and after the meal, which appeals to all ages!  Ceili bands and Irish dancers are a great way to get everyone going, you could even have a little competition and a trophy at the end for the best Irish dancer!!

The food – most weddings follow the same format for the food – the options are endless but the best piece of advice I can give you here is to not have people waiting too long!! Make sure it’s piping hot and there’s plenty of it!!  There’s nothing worse for a guest to be hungry waiting on whoever’s giving the speech to finish so the dinner can start – remember it’s not the U.N. your addressing, brief speeches will be appreciated by all your guests!!

Suppliers – when sourcing suppliers it’s not always about who gives the best prices as sometimes the old adage of “you get what you pay for” will rear its ugly head.  Shop around compare prices and if it’s something like a wedding car company you’re looking for why not give Limos for Less a call on 086 414 1837, we are the best in the wedding car business and care about your wedding day.  We are a professional company in business since 2007 and are family owned and operated.