Hiring a Limousine or Wedding Car and Irish Law

When it comes to choosing wedding suppliers it’s important that you choose professionals who are fully licensed and insured to carry out the service you are hiring them for. This is especially true when it comes to hiring limousines and wedding cars, as a quick check through the online small ads website will reveal plenty of cheap but unlicensed vehicles. Professional suppliers will be a little bit more expensive than the rouge supplier because they have the added expensive of meeting all the legal requirements of licenses, insurance and vehicle safety checks.

We often get asked about seating capacities for limousines and cars and whether we have any convertibles or sports cars for hire, so we’ve compiled the following guide for your convenience.

Licensed Vehicle

1. All SPSV (Small Public Service Vehicles) which include taxis, hackney’s, wedding cars and limousines must be licensed by The National Transport Authority.

Licensed vehicles will have these tamper proof discs attached to the front and rear windscreens.

2. All SPSV vehicles must have 4 doors, so beware of anyone offering you a 2 door sports car.

3. It’s always a good idea to go and see the vehicle that you are hiring to check for yourself that it’s licensed and the condition of the vehicle. A professional company will have no problem with this and will in fact encourage you to do so.

4. Beware of any company that will only deal in cash and won’t accept a cheque in the company name or a credit/debit card payment. Always insist on a receipt on headed company paper.

5. Stretch limousines have a legal maximum capacity of 8 passengers. This includes Hummers and jeep style limos.

6. Vehicles from the UK (including Northern Ireland) cannot operate legally in the Republic of Ireland unless either the pick up address or the drop off location is in Northern Ireland.

7. The chauffeur must hold a current SPSV license – don’t be afraid to ask to see this.

8. All SPSV vehicles must have chauffeur/limousine insurance. The simple way to check this is to look at the tax disc on the vehicle and make sure it says “limo” or “limousine”.

Please remember that a vehicle is not insured to carry passengers if all of the above points are not in place.

Transport for Ireland have an App available where you simply put in the registration number of the vehicle in question and it tells you if it’s a licensed SPSV vehicle or not.

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