How much does it cost to hire a limo

The one question Limo Hire companies get asked more than any other  is how much does limo hire cost, and the simple answer is that the cost depends on want you want. The factors that make up the price will be the time and date you want the limo as there will be a higher price for peek times such as Friday and Saturday nights  as well as Saturday afternoons in summer during summer which is wedding season ,how long you  want the limo for will also be a factor as most companies have a minimum time that the limo can be hired for this is due to the work that goes in to washing and cleaning the limo for a customer, this can take  up to 3 hours to do, so you can see why there is little point in the limo company  renting out a limo for an hour. Another major factor in the price will be how far the limousine has to travel to pick the customer up and the distance back to base when the customer has been dropped off. If the limo has to wait for you while you go shopping , have dinner or see a show this will also be part of the cost. And of course if you require drinks or extras not included   the company will add these to the total cost. But of course a limo seats 8 passengers so the cost can be shared 8 ways .

    A limousine costs more to buy and maintain than a taxi, it’s insurance costs are high, and unlike a taxi a limousine can’t pick up passengers at a street corner  it can only be pre booked in advance. So you can see that while not cheap when the cost of a limousine is split among 8 passengers it can be a fun and cost effective way to enjoy a night on the town

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    Hi just enquiring how much a limo would be foe a debs. Its for two people and its on the 31st of August.They be heading from city centre to Nass town.Would be very grateful for a price.

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