How to avoid a Limo disaster for your debs..

As we get closer to the Debs season, and thoughts turn to all things debs, debs dresses, debs suits and most important debs limos, it’s worth taking the time to check out the limo company that you are hiring your debs limo from, unless you want a limo like the one below to turn up.Here are a few tips to insure that you get a great limo for your debs……… 1. Beware if any limo company offers to take any more than 8 passengers in a limo, this includes hummer and jeep limos,the law in Ireland limits the amount of passengers a limousine can carry to 8 for safety reasons, the car will not be insured in case of an accident. 2. Ask the limo company the year and model of the limo that you will be getting, and ask if you can see the car first, beware of any company that won’t show you the cars for any reason. 3. Beware of doing business with companies that use hot mail, or gmail  accounts for business email, professional companies will have company email addresses. 4.only hire from companies based in the Republic of Ireland, companies based in Northern Ireland don’t have a licence or insurance to operate in the south. 5. Make sure when the limo arrives to pick you up it has a licence badge on the windscreen and that the licence matches the car reg. plate, last year the regulator found several unlicensed limos that had photo copied badges.The badge will be silver as in the photo

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