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Limo Hire- The Ultimate Luxury Car Throughout Automobile History

Over 110 years ago in 1902 the first automobile was designed. The word limousine is believed to being derived from the region of Limousin in South West France. In this region, the cloaks and hoods worn by the local shepherds were said to resemble the top of a carriage. This later resulted in a car with a permanent top section and a extended area for the driver to be known as a limousine. Limousines since there development have been a popular choice of transportation providing both sophistication as well as a supreme comfort experience. This has lead it to being in the present day a popular mode of transport and so many people hire limos for special occasions.

Over time, the design of limos has changed as technological advancements have happened in the automobile industry. The first original limousine were shorter in length with what making them a limousines being that the driver was separated from the rest of the car carriage by a partition. This partition developed a chauffeur driven experience which had been popular since 1700’s prior to automobile designs and when house-drawn carriages were popular.  In the early limousines designs a chauffeur had a covered compartment outside the carriage, while the passage were in another separate, covered compartment. The partition provided sound proofing between the two compartments.

This early style and features have influenced later designs of limousines where a partition still exists between the driver and passengers usually existing through a sliding panel which may have a T.V  mounted on it or another technological devices for the entertainment of the passengers. The major adjustment to limo design has been in terms of the length of the car. Stretch Limos began to appear in the late 1920’s with the first one being built in Arkansas, USA and was used to transport big bands and their equipment. Limousines hire was rare in the past with it being an unaffordable commodity for the majority of people and therefore being a restricted luxury for use by the famous and the wealthy in society.

Vintage Limo

Affordable Limo Hire

Luckily, in modern times Limo Hire is an affordable purchase allowing everyone the opportunity to experience using a limo service for their special occasions.  At Limos For Less we have a range of stretch limousines for hire and Ireland’s largest range of Baby Bentley’s.  Perfect for travelling to:

  • Weddings
  • Debs, Balls and Formals
  • Communions
  • Concerts and Sporting Events
  • Hen and Stag Party’s
  • Airport Arrival and Departure Pick Up
  • Birthday Parties
  • Other Special Occasions

Limousine Service

Our range consists of stretch limousines for hire which seat up to 8 people that are perfect for your debs and other special occasion. We also have the largest range in Ireland of smaller Baby Bentley Cars which can seat up to 4 people, perfect as a wedding car. Regardless of the car you choose,  all cars provided by limos for less come with ribbons and a bottle of chilled bubbly. Your driver will be a fully licensed chauffeur in professional uniform.

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Limos for Less is a family based company founded in 2007, with a combined 80 years experience in service and transportation industry. As a company we aim to provide exceptional service and value to our customers and our proud members of Ireland’s National Chauffeur Drivers Association. We would love to hear from you and discuss our limo hire services please Enquire Now  alternatively give us a call at 086 414 1837 or send us an email at