Pink Limos – Luxurious Way to Travel

Pink limos, believe it or not, are quite popular for sweet sixteen parties, debutante balls, hen parties, weddings and birthday parties for younger primary school girls where the entire party takes place in the limousine.

These limousine parties can be great fun.  There are awesome music systems, TV’s and even Play Station 2 or 3.  Some limousine companies will arrange for a birthday cake in the shape of a limo.  Or you can get whatever kind of cake your little princess would like.

For a sweet sixteen party, the pink limo would likely be used solely to transport the birthday girl and her friends to the club and back home.  However make sure the bar is stocked with soft drinks only.  Nobody under the age of 21 is permitted to consume alcohol and the driver can call police and have the offender removed and or arrested.

The driver can also have a person ejected for aggressive or threatening behavior towards himself or other passengers.  Extreme use of profanity or lewd conduct can also be reasons for removal from the vehicle.  Of course with juveniles, the parents will be called and the young person will not be left alone on the side of the road.  Also if the driver thinks any illegal or unsafe behavior is going on, he or she can lock the privacy window in the open position.

If you are sending a group of young people to a dance or party in a limo, make certain the driver has contact numbers in case of an emergency such as an accident or illness.  Of course we all hope that none of this is necessary, but it is better to be prepared.

Little girls love princesses and the pink limo will be almost as good as Cinderella’s coach.  You can have a princess themed party with pink balloons, tiaras for the guests and of course cake, ice cream and soft drinks.  They can also listen to music while using the Play Station game system.  You can of course bring board games and goody bags and other treats for the kids.

It is common courtesy to pick up any obvious trash left by the kids and you will want to bring a plastic bag for that purpose.

Some folks hire pink limousines just to be noticed or for the shock value.  I know of a group of guys who rented a pink limo to go to a party, just to see what their friends would do.  Everyone had a good laugh.

We know of a man who hired a pink limousine to bring his wife and newborn daughter home from the hospital.  The whole neighborhood was outside watching for the arrival of the new princess in her royal coach.  This is a unique and interesting use for a limo.

If your friend is getting married, why not hire a pink stretch limo and hold the “hen night” party in the limo, and make a stop for dinner at a favorite restaurant?

When you meet with the dealer, make sure that they understand you only want a pink limo.  If they can’t accommodate you, go elsewhere.  Since this is generally a special request, book as far in advance as possible.  Some companies will have only one pink limousine in their fleet.  The vehicle may sit on the lot for a few months, but come prom time it will be in demand and you may be hard pressed to find one available.

Why not consider hiring a pink stretch limo and with your dad and siblings, pick up your mom on her birthday?  Wine and dine her in style.  She will be absolutely thrilled.  Arrange to have her favorite songs playing during the ride.  She will have the time of her life and will brag to all of her friends for weeks about her wonderful family.  Don’t forget to include the spouses and children.

A friend tells this story:  Her boss found out that a delegation of foreign investors was coming on that same day.  He asked her to arrange for a limo airport transfer.  The only vehicle she could get was a pink stretch.  When she arrived at the airport she found that they were all women and loved the pink.  They thought it was planned for them.

Before signing a contract for a pink, or any other colored limo, be sure to read and understand the contract.  Ask for an explanation of anything you don’t understand.  If the dealer can’t or won’t give you answers, go else where.

* Make sure the cost you are quoted is what you have to pay and there are no hidden charges.
* What recourse do you have if the company fails to honor its contractual obligations?
* What is their policy on tipping the driver?
* Some companies add a 15-20% charge for the drivers tip.  Can you give more for exceptional service?  Some companies don’t allow drivers to accept additional gratuities.  You wouldn’t want her to lose her job.
* Can you bring your own drinks and snacks for someone who has food allergies?

You can rent limos for many reasons, some of which you might never have thought of.  What comes to mind when you think of limousine rentals?  Weddings proms, funerals and airport transfers are what most people would choose.  Very few of us would come up with children’s parties in the vehicle, bringing home a new baby, class trips or sightseeing.  Yet these and many other uses are becoming more and more popular.  The uses of limousines are as varied as the folks who hire pink limos or any other color of luxury car.

We have seen the traditional black or white, grey, silver, gold, powder blue and dark green as well as the pink.   There may be more that we just haven’t come across as of yet.

Limousines are a wonderful luxurious way to travel but the most fun is a stretched pink limo.

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    I’m Looking for a pink limo for my daughters 5th birthday for her and 8 friends on the 27th January going from Hartstown to Dunboyne castle if you could give me a call on 0857312396 please

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