Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud was the core model for Rolls Royce Motor cars for 11 years from April 1955 until march 1966.It was designed by rolls Royce chief designer John Polwhele Blatchley (1913-2008).It replaced the Silver Dawn and it was in 1966 replaced by the Silver Shadow.Rolls Royce made 7372 Cloud’s all at their factory in Crewe.The Silver Cloud was powered by a six cylinder 4.9 ltr engine and it had a 4-speen automatic gearbox,when tested in 1956 the car reached speeds up to 103 mph. or 165 kph. which when you condider the car weighted just under 2 tonnes.In 1959 the Silver Cloud 2 was launched with the engine now a more powerful 6.2 ltr engine delivering a top speeed of 183 kmh with the weight now 2.1 tonnes power steering was now standard and welcome on such a heavy car.In 1959 the car cost £6092 with electric windows an option.In 1963 the Silver Cloud 3 arrived with the frontof the car looking very sililar to the car that would replace it a couple of years later the Silver Shadow which was already in developement.The Silver Cloud today remains a very popular choice as a wedding car.

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