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As little girls we all dreamed of the fairy tale wedding that we would have when we grew up.  Unfortunately the word is out that the unions will no longer allow fairy Godmothers to turn pumpkins into luxury coaches. That being the case, a Rolls Royce wedding car is the next best thing.  Just the sight of a shiny Rolls Royce is enough to make hearts beat fast.  Can’t you just imagine how you will feel when you use one for your wedding?   It is not near as expensive as one would imagine. One American company offers a number of different packages for one, two or three Rolls limos. There is a 1969 Rolls extended length.  The tuxedoed chauffeur sits in the front compartment and the bride and groom obviously ride in the back.  The usual price is 125 hr. with a minimum of two hours.  For weddings they pick you up after the ceremony and pictures, takes you to the reception and than your destination, airport, hotel or home.   Their regular price for this is $500.00 but there is a wedding special for only $350.00 which is a great deal. The next package has two 6 plus passenger Rolls Royce Silver Cloud limos.  One takes the bride and attendants to the church and then the bride and groom in one limo and 6+ adults in the other, stop for pictures, then head to the reception and finally the bride and groom are dropped off at their destination: home, airport or hotel.  The regular price for this is $1125.00 and the wedding special is only $900.00. The third package gives you three limos, the wedding car, one for the bridal attendants and one for the groomsmen.  The stops are the same as the second package.  The regular price is $2025.00 standard and $1600.00 for the wedding package. These are excellent prices and services.  You should look at more than one company’s pricing and services before you make a decision.  Limousine charges can take a huge chunk out of your wedding budget. Read and understand the entire contract before you sign anything.  Insist on an explanation of any part of the contract that you don’t understand.  Ask if they run criminal background checks on employees.  Can you see and sit in the vehicles?   Can you see the maintenance records? Remember, some companies  add approximately 20% to the bill for the driver’s gratuity(tip).  Others give you a recommendation, but the tip is up to you.  If the driver does more than expected, you will want to tip more than the standard 20%. When you do a web search for Rolls Royce wedding car you will find several limousine companies that use Rolls Royce vehicles only and others that use a variety of makes and models.  No matter what city you live in, you can find at least one Rolls Royce rental agency where you can get a wedding car. We did a Rolls Royce wedding car Ireland search and came up with quite a few possibilities in both the north and south.  Check for companies in your city and country. Some companies specialize in vintage limos in general and others have only vintage Rolls Royce’s from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.  No matter what year or model Rolls you hire, you will feel so elegant and special when you arrive at the church and like a queen when you arrive at the reception with your new husband. Dublin alone has several agencies that can provide you with one or more Rolls limousines for your wedding.  It is really an amazing thing to see a line of Rolls Royce limos whether modern or vintage.  A Rolls in addition to being a well made, mechanically sound automobile is actually a beautiful thing to look at. If you compare prices for Rolls Royce hires against those of other limos, your Rolls may cost more but the comfort and reliability of the Rolls Royce can’t be beat. Your only problem will be to choose which of the Rolls Royce limo, year and model you want for your wedding.  While Rolls’ come in a number of colors, there is nothing more elegant than a shiny black Rolls Royce limousine. If your budget can’t handle multiple Rolls rentals don’t worry, even just one elegant automobile will add that extra touch of class to your beautiful wedding. Imagine  the looks you will get if you show up at the rail station, airport, or cruise ship deck in a beautiful Rolls Royce limousine and a tuxedoed chauffeur helps you with your luggage.   Remember when you hire your wedding car, remember to ask to be picked up from the airport in a Rolls when you return from your honeymoon trip. You will never regret the money you spent on this wedding car.  It will be a big part of your wonderful wedding day memories. There are a few basic etiquette rules that you and anyone else who rides in your rental limo should follow. * Avoid profanity and lewd behavior. * Do not harass or distract the driver, your safety and life could depend on this. * Don’t overindulge in alcohol.  The driver can refuse to transport anyone that he feels is a threat to himself or others.  Police can be called. * Do not allow anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol. * Pick up after yourself, don’t leave cups, napkins, etc. laying around. In addition to his tip, let the driver know that you appreciated his courtesy and professionalism.  You may also want to write a note to the company praising the driver.  People who give good service deserve to be recognized. You may also want to let the company know how happy you were with the service they provided and will refer your friends and family to them when they are looking for a wedding limo. As you can see, choosing the right Rolls Royce wedding car will have a major effect on how smoothly you wedding day schedule will be.

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