The Benifits of limo hire


No matter  what the occasion  or event that make’s  somebody consider hiring a stretch limousine  you can be sure that most people will only be aware of some of the benefits  of hiring such a car. Firstly and most obviously it is a very prestigious way of getting around town, when people see a limousine the first thing they think of is who’s inside, a famous singer? Sports person? maybe even a famous movie star, and when you hire a limousine you become the star, from as soon as the limo arrives at your house or pick up point your chauffeur will treat you like a movie star, he will open the doors for you and your friends, open and pour your champagne and about drive you safely to your final destination, and when you do arrive he will open the door for you so you can make a grand entrance. A professional chauffeur will of course be driving the limousine you have hired; he will be trained not just in driving these special cars but in all aspects of customer service to add to the enjoyment of tour day.

     Another benefit of hiring a limousine that is often overlooked is that because it seats eight passengers and these 8 people share the cost equally it is in fact a very cost effective way of enjoying a night out in style, when you consider how much limousines cost to manufacture and buy you and seven friends and have the use of a limo for little more than the price of a taxi each. Limousines are very popular with children who enjoy nothing better than been driven around with seven of their friends and perhaps  watch one of their favourite  DVD’s  or listen  to some music on the cars entertainment  system, or just sit back and watch the light show .

    The fact that a limousine is a larger vehicle means that it is ideal for airport transfers, seating eight passengers in absolute style and comfort a limousine is the ideal way to start a holiday for larger groups, most limousines will also have had the front passenger seat removed to give added luggage capacity as it would not be much good taking a large group to the airport if there was no room for their luggage. But most of all the biggest benefit of hiring a limousine is for a special occasion such as a wedding, Debs ball, special birthday, first Holy Communion, and all those other special days in life. A limousine makes a statement be it a long sleek stretch limousine or a vintage Rolls Royce nothing says special occasion like a limo. And of course a limo provides the perfect backdrop for photographs of your special day. All of these benefits combine to add to the sense of occasion that a limo will bring to your special day, so what are you waiting book one today.

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