Tips for hiring a limo

When you hire a limo you are hiring a car for a special occasion if you follow these insider hints and tips you will get that special car for that special occasion. 1. Always ask what model and year the limo is, we have heard horror stories of   15 year old banger limos turning up on the night, the model is important as well because we know of  a customer who hired a black limo from another company only for a funneral mourning car to turn up. 2. Ask how many passengers the car is licenced and insured to carry.By law in Ireland 8 is the maximum any Limo can carry, beware of  any body offering a larger capacity limo, the licence sticker in silver or yellow on the windscreen will tell you the maximum   number of passengers that car is allowed. 3. Make sure you have the drivers mobile number in case he gets lost. 4.Get a receipt and conformation  for your deposit and be careful of any business that does not have a landline contact number. Follow these few simple tips and you will have the limo you want for the big night.

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