Up coming Concerts at the O2 Dublin

Dublin’s O2  will be hosting the following concerts when booking your tickets why not book a stretch limo to take you and your Friends to and from the show  from just €15  per person each way for a group of 8 we can cahuffeur to and from the 02 Dublin in Style… Don’t delay Book your Dublin o2 concert Limo today   X  Factor Live  16/30/31  March 2010    Book a limo to take you to the show  here www.limosforless.ie Lynyrd Sknyrd 10 March 2010              Book your Dublin Limo Hire here www.limosforless.ie Kiss 7 May 2010      Book your Dublin Rental here www.limosforless.ie Leona Lewis  27 June 2010   Book your hummer hire Dublin here www.limosforless

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