Wedding Car Prices

Wedding Car Hire Prices

There are a number of factors that have an effect on wedding car prices.  One recent factor is the skyrocketing cost of fuel in Ireland as well as the rest of the world.

But there are more predictable factors such as the date of the wedding.  Spring and summer are the peak times for weddings and so for wedding car hires.  When there is an increased demand, the rental companies can charge more and get it.

Another is the amount of time you will have the cars.  Some companies sell a package of about six hours.  A longer time will cost more.  You will also be charged for additional locations.  For instance if you want the bridesmaids to be picked up at their homes and brought to yours for the ride to church, that will cost you.

Hiring A Wedding Car


Generally, the contract is for the limo to pick you up, take you to the ceremony, a photo shoot and to the reception.  If you want them to be available to take you to the airport you will pay for their idle time.  While they are waiting for you they can’t be making money elsewhere.  If you ask for extras, like flowers in the limo or a special champagne, you will pay extra for that also.

Ask what their basic fee is without any extras.  Also figure out your ideal package and get a price for that.  Whatever you decide, make sure everything promised is written in the contract.

Ask for a total including taxes, insurance, gratuities, cleaning and restocking charges.  If it may be necessary, ask if they have handicapped accessible limos. A wedding on a Saturday may cost more than on another day of the week due to the very high demand for Saturday wedding cars.

Before you finalize your package read the entire contract and get an explanation of anything you don’t’ understand.  If the company rep can’t or won’t answer your questions, look for another provider.

Except for a basic package, you won’t get a price quote until everything is itemized.  Ask if there is a discount for the hire of multiple vehicles. These prices are estimated averages since most companies won’t give you prices unless you give a date, length of rental, and some request a credit card before giving you information.

We suggest that when you start looking for wedding cars or wedding limos, you make a list of all the services and special requests that you would like to have.  Then sit down with your future spouse and whoever is paying for the wedding.  Go over each item. First pick out your “must haves” then decide on which things that would be nice but that you can do without.  Then meet with the company to come up with a price.

Ask if they give discounts for multiple limo rentals and if so, how that will affect your wedding car prices.

One alternative to hiring limos may be to contact a local vintage car club.  Often these folks will be willing not only to rent out their cars, but will act as chauffeurs and maybe wearing vintage clothes from the same era as their cars.

Just think what cool pictures this would make and their fees are usually lower than from limo companies.  However if possible, get at least one limousine for you and your new spouse to get from the church to the reception.  It will provide great memories for the rest of your lives.

Look for a company that specializes in airport transfer and get a price on taking you to the airport or rail station for your honeymoon trip and to pick you up on your return.  These limos will be waiting for you even if your plane is late.  This could save you some money when compared to using their wedding car.

Like everything else, the cost of maintaining a fleet of limos, the drivers, mechanics, etc. is going up too and so they have to raise their prices to stay in business and most of them are just trying to earn a decent living for their family.  Hire a wedding car or two, if you can squeeze it out of your budget, but don’t go into debt for your wedding day or you will soon regret it.

Learn About Your Wedding Car Hire Company

wedding-limo-hireWedding car prices can vary from one city or region to another and even within a particular city.  Be wary of a company that advertises prices significantly lower than those of other limo providers in the area.  Check them out asking all of the questions you would ask any other.  Look at the fleet, check maintenance records and ask how they can offer these prices and make any profit.

It is possible his fleet is paid for so he doesn’t have these huge payments to make.  He may own the property outright and not have a mortgage.  There could be any number of reasons, but check it out.  In this case it is especially important to check the reputation of the company with the Dublin Chamber of Commerce or consumer affairs office for complaints against them.

The man may have made his fortune in another field and does this because he loves the cars and wants to keep busy.  The reason doesn’t really matter, what matters is if the services provided by this company are as stated.  Are the wedding cars well maintained and can you get a written contract specifying the company’s responsibilities as well as yours?

How experienced are the drivers?  Are criminal checks done?  Can you see the maintenance records?  How big is the fleet?  What is the total cost including taxes, insurance, restocking and cleaning fees?

When looking for wedding cars, check out any company that you might be considering.  Ask friends and family members which company they used for their wedding and would they recommend that you use that firm.  Expensive doesn’t have to mean good and cheap isn’t always bad.