Wedding Cars – Not just a Business

A wedding Day is probably the most important day in sombody’s life.The build up to the day can be very stressful and it is important that everything falls into place.The choice of wedding car company plays a big part.For a company to have a succesful business every wedding should be treated with the care and attention the couple deserve, a wedding is not just another job but the most important day in this couple’s lives.The chauffeur’s role is very important on the day,it is important to arriveearly for every pick up but even more so for a wedding, as the bride will be anxious enough on the day and if the car/s arrive 20 minutes early it will help the bride relax and give the chauffeur a little extra time to check the car and clean any dirt collected on the way.It is important on the day that the chauffeur is helpful and offers help when needed,on the drive to the church a chat with the bride and her father can help take the edge off any last nerves,upon arriving at the church if there are guests outside the good chauffeur will drive around for a few minutes until they enter the church, wait for the photographer to get any shots needed before letting the bride out of the car,when the bride and groom leave the church offer congratulations and open the champagne for the first drink as a married couple, on the drive to the reception a speak when spoken to approach is best for the chauffeur unlike the drive to the church the nerves are gone and the bride and groom want to talk to each other. Any company who does realise the importance of the day will not be recommended for future jobs.

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