Congratulations you’re engaged!!  Now the next big step to take is the actual planning of the wedding!!

One of the hardest and sometimes stressful parts of planning a wedding is the guest list.  Believe it or not the number of people on your guest list will have a direct impact on where the wedding ceremony and reception take place.  Sometimes a bride and groom will fall in love with a venue that can only hold 80 guests but their guest list is more like 120!  It’s best to have a rough idea of how many people you would love to have at your wedding before looking at any venues.

Sit down together and draw up an initial list of the people who have to be there i.e. parents, siblings, certain extended family members and then move on to a second list of people that you both know and would love to have at your wedding.  The hardest list to agree on can be people that you know separately.  A good idea at this stage is to go back through the lists you have drawn up already and do a count – sometimes this can put things into perspective very quickly!!!

Another area to consider is your parent’s ideas on who they would like at your wedding – this can be a minefield especially if your parents are contributing to your wedding and feel like they are entitled to ask as many people as they like!   Sometimes parents feel under pressure to invite people who invited them to their children’s weddings in the past but to make them understand that you really only want to celebrate your wedding with people that you know and love.  Keep calm things can become heated very quickly!!

There’s a whole other very tricky area around children of friends or nieces and nephews.  The best way to tackle this is to first decide between yourselves if you want to have children at your wedding – some couples decide to have children at the wedding ceremony and not at the reception – some decide to have older children and not young babies or toddlers.  Whatever you decide as a couple should be respected by those invited to your wedding but unfortunately this is not always the case.  People can become very annoyed if their little ones aren’t invited but whatever you decide stick to it – it’s good practice for married life!

A good idea is to keep your guest list on a spreadsheet which can be easily changed and updated. This way it can be easily followed without having to try and decipher a messy piece of paper that can easily be lost! Check out our wedding car service here.

Best of luck!!