Wedding Invitations ….

Did you know that by making your own wedding invitations you can save up to €1,000 off the cost of professionally printed ones, this is not a ‘Blue Peter’ project but the chance to create a personal hand crafted invitation… here are some tips for wedding invitations … you should send your invitations out between 6-8 weeks before the wedding and longer if you plan to get married in a holiday season or at Christmas and New Year.When sending invitations any information such as maps to the church and reception venue, hotel and bed and breakfast information and if overseas flight information should be included. You should also let people know how to R.S.V.P to your invitation, these days you have so many options email, wedding web-site, txt message or if using the old fashioned way by mail rember to include a reply card and it is polite to also include a stamped addressed envelope.It is also polite to send invitations to close family even though they know they are invited…………

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