Wedding Jewellery- Do’s and Don’ts

A Bride’s  and other accessories should generally refelect  the style of the wedding.A large formal wedding calll for elaborate jewellery,while for a small informal wedding simple jewellery is appropriate.The style of the wedding dress of course plays a major role in the selection of  and accessories.Many of today’s most popular dress styles are strapless or have,this is a perfect style to showcase a wonderful necklace and earrings, however as a general rule the more   detail and glitter on the dress the simpler the jewellery,while a plainer dress allows more elaborate  styles. Necklace Leingth. The different necklace leingths are know as the collar,the princess the matinee and the opera,here a a few points to remember which to choose to best suite your dress. The Choker;  One to three strands worn close around the neck is the classic versionand works best with a jewel neckline, although it can be lost if too much skin is showing. The Collar:  Is made up of three or more strands that fit securely around the middle neck, this style goes best with a plunging or strapless dress. The Princess: Perfect for strapless dresses, this style falls below the hollow the of the neck in front- perfect support for a pendant.This style is most often16 inches and looks bestwith every style of dress exept a high neck line. The Matinee: Longer than the princess but shorter  than the opera.  

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