Wedding Planning- Wedding Car hire

Arranging wedding day transportation is often one of the details that grooms are happy to handle. Depending on the size and location of your wedding, there may be more to plan that just a traditional limo for the bride and groom. Consider the needs of the entire wedding party and reserve cars accordingly. Stretch limousines keep the party comfortable and unwrinkled between the church and reception, and to and from any photo locations. While you may have been dreaming of a romantic horse and carriage to carry you and your groom from the ceremony to the reception site – and your fi ancé may be thinking vintage car – you can depend on the tried and true (horses are “messy” and have you ever known a vintage car to be reliable?). The stretch limousine is a much better choice.
7 Steps to a Smooth Ride 1. Luxurious stretch limos are ideal because they provide the maximum space for keeping your dress perfect and they are an enjoyable ride for the whole wedding party. Each stretch limo can hold up to 10 passengers. 2. Many limousine operators use their colleagues to handle multi-vehicle charters. How do you know if the other limo company’s professionalism is up to speed? When negotiating, ask for references on all vehicle charters used by the limousine service you select. You can also check with references with your other vendors. Most vendors know each other and will recommend those they work well with. 3. Limousine operators often have more than one event to service in a day. Do not assume you can add time to your charter on your wedding day. Rent the limousine for at least an extra hour beyond the expected schedule, in case of delays. 4. Visit the limousine operator you are renting from. Ask for references and get a written contract. 5. Although it’s legal to drink alcohol in the back of a limousine, try to keep alcohol out of the equation. Drinkers, plus excitement and formal clothing, can be a recipe for disaster. 6. It isn’t necessary to budget for tipping your chauffeur. The fl at rate for a stretch limousine is all inclusive at an hourly rate . 7. Limousines are machines. In the event of a breakdown, be sure your limo service has a system in place to handle any emergency. This should be handled when discussing your negotiations.

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