Wedding Planning

Maybe you are getting married this year or even next year and you still haven’t decided on wedding cars, classic or modern? how many cars do I need ? what’s included in the price ? these are all questions you will have and in this post we will try to answer a few of them.One of the first questions will be what type of car beware of cars labeled Rolls Royce type or vintage looking, Rolls Royce never made cars for anybody else  and there are are lot of ”Kit Cars” available today, these are usually Beaufords and Regents and these cars are basically a kit that is built on the frame of a doner car usually a Ford Cortina or Nissan Primera. Another question you will have is how many cars will I need, usually if the church is not far from the Brides house a second trip to the Church is not a problem for the Bridesmaids  however transport to the reception will have to be arranged, a popular choice for a second car is a stretch limo as the bridesmaids and, best man and groomsmen can all fit  in these larger cars. What’s included in the price of my wedding cars is another question asked. A bottle of champagne for each car hired , ribbons and bows in your choice of colour, uniformed drivers,a red carpet leading to the car, and a supply of large umbrellas should all be part of the service. If you can get all your cars from one company you will get a better price and should you need a limo for the stag and hen parties or to take you to the airport for your honeymoon all the better as you can get the best deal possible buying from one company  

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